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Rich Robinson
Paper (Reissue)

Rich Robinson - Paper (Reissue)

In 2002, Rich Robinson went into the studio with the help of some friends to make a solo record. That's where Paper began. He had Joe Magistro, Eddie Harsch, Donnie Heron, and Antoine Silverman conducting the strings. They went into Globe Studios in New York’s meat packing district and knocked it out. In 2015, Robinson decided that he wanted to completely re-approach this album. They took the tapes and Robinson sang all new vocals, changed the sequencing, as well as remixing and remastering the album. So here is the newly redone Paper.

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  1. 1. Know Me
  2. 2. Enemy
  3. 3. Stand Up
  4. 4. Leave It Alone
  5. 5. Words Of The Chosen
  6. 6. Yesterday I Saw You
  7. 7. Places
  8. 8. Veil
  9. 9. Walking By Myself
  10. 10. Forgiven Song
  11. 11. When You Will
  12. 12. Baby
  13. 13. Begin
  14. 14. Falling Away
  15. 15. Cause You’re With Me
  16. 16. Answers
  17. 17. Goodbye

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