New Releases For November 19, 2012

Rhythms Del Mundo

Rhythms Del Mundo - Africa

Rhythms Del Mundo was created by Artists Project Earth (APE) to raise awareness of climate change and protect its victims through the power of music. Sales from Rhythms Del Mundo have funded over 300 vital environmental projects.

APE in collaboration with international musicians has produced three fundraising albums to date: Rhythms Del Mundo Cuba, Rhythms Del Mundo Classics and Rhythms Del Mundo Revival, which have sold over one million albums so far.

Rhythms Del Mundo Africa is the fourth release featuring music from artists such as Coldplay, Beyonce, Eminem, Mumford & Sons and R.E.M. to name a few.

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"Viva La Vida (Africa Mix) [Featuring Coldplay]"


  1. 1. Viva La Vida (Africa Mix) [Featuring Coldplay]
  2. 2. I Miss You (Africa Mix) [Featuring Beyonce]
  3. 3. She Said (Africa Mix) [Featuring Plan B]
  4. 4. I Need A Dollar (Africa Mix) [Featuring Aloe Blacc]
  5. 5. Not Afraid (Africa Mix) [Featuring Eminem ft TSI]
  6. 6. Timshel (Africa Mix) [Featuring Mumford & Sons]
  7. 7. Is This Love (Africa Mix) [Featuring Rokia Traore]
  8. 8. Under The Bridge (Africa Mix) [Featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers]
  9. 9. Mykonos (Africa Mix) [Featuring Fleet Foxes]
  10. 10. Losing My Religion (Africa Mix) [Featuring R.E.M.]
  11. 11. I Am Because (Africa Mix) [Featuring Shanade]
  12. 12. Grenade (Africa Mix) [Featuring Bruno Mars]
  13. 13. John & Yoko (Africa Mix) [Featuring Rokia Traore]