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Reza Khan
Next Train Home

Reza Khan - Next Train Home

The Bangladesh born and raised, NYC based composer/guitarist Reza Khan stands out as a true musical citizen of the world, purposefully transcending typical genre trappings with his dynamic fusion of infectious pop, jazz, soul and world music influences. Khan’s latest full length album Next Train Home reflects the multi-talented performer’s ultimate expression of an artistry that is all about exploration, not limitation, by following a multitude of passions and vibing with contemporary jazz greats, while Khan’s core acoustic and electric lines are front and center on every tune of Next Train Home – sometimes alternating on the same track.

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"Drop Of faith (Featuring Nils)"


  1. 1. Drop Of faith (Featuring Nils)
  2. 2. Gathering (Featuring Jeff Kashiwa & Philippe Saisse)
  3. 3. Clear Skies
  4. 4. It's About Time (Featuring Jeff Kashiwa & Matt King)
  5. 5. Beyond The Trees (Featuring Andy Snitzer)
  6. 6. Zero Tolerance (Featuring Philippe Saisse & David Mann)
  7. 7. Club 368 (Featuring David Mann & Gumbi Ortiz)
  8. 8. Plutonik (Featuring Philippe Saisse)
  9. 9. The Way (Featuring Philippe Saisse)
  10. 10. Cloud Nine (Featuring Andy Snitzer)
  11. 11. Under The Moon (Featuring David Mann)
  12. 12. Next Train Home (Featuring Mark Egan & Matt King)

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