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Remo Drive
Natural, Everyday Degradation

Remo Drive - Natural, Everyday Degradation

Remo Drive, the indie rock band conceived in suburban Minnesota by brothers Erik and Stephen Paulson, are back with their second studio album, Natural, Everyday Degradation. On this follow-up to their acclaimed 2017 release Greatest Hits, the band continue to evolve their sound, drawing on influences from such artists as Pedro The Lion, Arctic Monkeys, and Queens Of The Stone Age. The band’s signature sound which features high energy guitars and Erik’s unique vocal style, along with thoughtful and clever lyrics have helped Remo Drive grow an avid following.

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"Around The Sun"


  1. 1. Two Bux
  2. 2. The Grind
  3. 3. The Devil
  4. 4. Shakin'
  5. 5. Dog
  6. 6. Separate Beds
  7. 7. Ezra And Marla
  8. 8. Halos
  9. 9. Around The Sun
  10. 10. Mirror
  11. 11. The Truth

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