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Red Line Chemistry
Dying For A Living

Red Line Chemistry - Dying For A Living

Red Line Chemistry is simply on the verge of widespread awareness. Few bands can boast to having performed in front of tens of thousands in a single gig while remaining unsigned, much less enjoying the experience multiple times. Outside of back-to-back years as a featured attraction on KQRC 98.9 The Rock's annual event for 50,000 rock fans, Red Line Chemistry has shared the stage with Stone Temple Pilots, Seether, Puddle of Mudd, Saving Abel, Chevelle, Shinedown, Sevendust, Saliva and others.

The band name, Red Line Chemistry is open to individual interpretation. Singer Brett Ditgen offers, 'For us it defines our intent in pushing it to the limit, while staying true to one another. It defines the way we work together, pushing each other as hard as we can, while still trying to get along.'

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Dumb Luck"


  1. 1. Vicious Cycles
  2. 2. Knock Down Drag Out
  3. 3. Dumb Luck
  4. 4. Fire Rising
  5. 5. You Don't Get It
  6. 6. Deja Vu
  7. 7. Plastic Masquerade
  8. 8. Johnny Come Alive
  9. 9. Greed
  10. 10. Ultragigantor
  11. 11. So Many Days

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