New Releases For February 18, 2014

Reagan Boggs

Reagan Boggs - Quicksand

'There was a time when the term 'commercial country music' didn't make serious music fans cringe. It was a time when country songs told stories that had some depth and individuality. It was working class, but it wasn't stupid. Reagan Boggs is exactly what modern country radio is missing. It isn't that she's a throwback. She sounds contemporary, but she's in that same camp with Ashley Monroe and a too-small handful of other fine modern country artists who still know how to deliver solid songs that tell the stories of real people.'
- Wayne Bledsoe, Knoxville News

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"Saving Grace"


  1. 1. On A Bad Note
  2. 2. Saving Grace
  3. 3. When It Mattered
  4. 4. Can't Do Life
  5. 5. Appalachia
  6. 6. Seldom Do
  7. 7. Better Man
  8. 8. On My Own
  9. 9. You Deserve Better
  10. 10. Not The New Me
  11. 11. Houston
  12. 12. Come To Me
  13. 13. Not That Special