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Ravens Creed
Give War A Chance

Ravens Creed - Give War A Chance

The infamous metal kings Ravens Creed have returned with their new album, Give War A Chance. It presents the band in a way that has never been heard before. Ravens Creed quickly evolved into one of the new driving forces within the hard-contested death metal landscape after releasing four powerful studio albums. This new one is real old-school with a modern sound that kills everything.

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"Intro / Vatican"


  1. 1. Intro / Vatican
  2. 2. Set Your Land On Fire
  3. 3. Crimea River
  4. 4. Trampled Down & Shit On
  5. 5. Panzer Maniac
  6. 6. The Whipper
  7. 7. Armed And Unready
  8. 8. Necro Mantle
  9. 9. Imperial Leather
  10. 10. The Knot That Blinds
  11. 11. Outro