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Rat Boy
Internationally Unknown

Rat Boy - Internationally Unknown

UK artist Rat Boy has teamed up with Tim Armstrong to produce his new album Internationally Unknown, being released in North America via Armstrong’s Hellcat Records. Rat Boy and Armstrong immediately connected through a shared love for mixing the visceral energy of punk with hip-hop beats. In many ways, it’s hardly surprising: both musicians share similar influences and reflect on their upbringing in their lyrics. The pair met in Los Angeles at Armstrong’s Shiprec Studios where the momentum was such that the project was entirely written and recorded during three visits, which amounted to a total of two months’ work.

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"Don't Hesitate"


  1. 1. Chip On My Shoulder
  2. 2. My Name Is Rat Boy
  3. 3. Don't Hesitate
  4. 4. I Wanna Skate
  5. 5. Follow Your Heart
  6. 6. Internationally Unknown
  7. 7. So What
  8. 8. No Peace No Justice (Featuring Tim Timebomb)
  9. 9. Flies
  10. 10. Night Creature (Featuring Aimee Interrupter)
  11. 11. Dad's Crashed Car
  12. 12. Silverlake