New Releases For April 21, 2015

Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen
Hold My Beer: Volume 1

Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen - Hold My Beer: Volume 1

Hold My Beer: Vol. 1, a collaboration between Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen, is a record that’s part road movie, part joke book, part Western philosophy but, above all else, is the story of friendship and the value of personal integrity, Saturday night dance parties and a couple of good, stiff drinks. Musically, the songs are rich and layered – big, oaky, acoustic guitars, swooping fiddles and a lap steel that chuckles at every punchline. It’s a proud declaration from two men who have weathered a lot, but are still looking for the next party, and still ready to provide its soundtrack.

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  1. 1. In The Next Life
  2. 2. I Had My Hopes Up High
  3. 3. ‘Til It Does
  4. 4. Good Luck With That
  5. 5. It’s Been A Great Afternoon
  6. 6. Standards
  7. 7. El Dorado
  8. 8. Hangin’ Out In Bars
  9. 9. Lady Bug
  10. 10. Reasons To Quit