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Randall Bramblett
Juke Joint At The Edge Of The World

Randall Bramblett - Juke Joint At The Edge Of The World

Juke Joint At The Edge Of The World is a record that reflects the freedom my bandmates and I have found playing together in the last few years. Some of the places we play are like the old juke joints where people dance and shout - from these people and places we’ve found the energy we need to be free to shake the music up. Now, when we improvise we know it’s going to take us to a new and better musical place. I could go on but suffice it to say the music is freer this time and the songs will take you places that make you dream and dance.” - Randall Bramblett

TAGS: Americana | R&B

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"Devil's Haircut"


  1. 1. Plan B
  2. 2. Pot Hole On Main Street
  3. 3. Trippy Little Thing
  4. 4. Garbage Man
  5. 5. I Just Don't Have The Time
  6. 6. Since You're Gone
  7. 7. Devil's Haircut
  8. 8. Fine
  9. 9. Mali Katra
  10. 10. Do You Want To Be Free

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 16
    Chattanooga, TN, US Randall Bramblett at Songbirds
  • Oct 22
    Decatur, GA, US Jacob Davis Martin and Randall Bramblett with Chris McGinnis at Eddie's Attic
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