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Live In Munich (CD/DVD)

Rainbow - Live In Munich (CD/DVD)

Rainbow was formed by Ritchie Blackmore in 1975 after he left Deep Purple at the height of their fame. They were instantly successful and released a string of hit albums with an ever-changing line-up between 1975 and 1983.

This concert from their European tour in 1977 features the line-up responsible for the Long Live Rock'N'Roll album, including Ronnie James Dio and drummer Cozy Powell.

Blackmore had to be smuggled out of Austria after trouble with the police at a gig two nights earlier and was very late arriving in Munich, all of which seemed to inspire both the band and the audience to create a truly remarkable gig.

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"Man On The Silver Mountain"


  1. DISC ONE:
  2. 1. Introduction
  3. 2. Kill The King
  4. 3. Mistreated
  5. 4. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
  6. 5. Catch The Rainbow
  7. 6. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll

  8. DISC TWO:
  9. 1. Man On The Silver Mountain
  10. 2. Still I'm Sad
  11. 3. Do You Close Your Eyes

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