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Owl Singalong

Raffi - Owl Singalong

One of the most beloved children’s artists of all time, Raffi has been the world's best-selling and most influential children's entertainer for four decades, delighting successive generations of kids (and their parents) with his playful personality and irresistibly infectious songs.

Owl Singalong features 16 exuberant new tunes such as "More We Sing Together" and "Dog On The Bus," songs in Spanish and French, and two tributes to Pete Seeger. Other standouts include "Green Dream," a joyous, hopeful anthem he hopes will inspire all the world's children and families, and the title track which was inspired by the owls near Raffi's home on Salt Spring Island in Canada.

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"Owl Singalong"


  1. 1. Owl Singalong
  2. 2. I’m Not Small
  3. 3. The More We Sing Together
  4. 4. The Lion Pokey
  5. 5. See The Moon
  6. 6. Green Dream
  7. 7. Every Day
  8. 8. The Dog On The Bus
  9. 9. Somos El Barco
  10. 10. You May Be A Triangle
  11. 11. Woo Hoo Could I Be?
  12. 12. I Nod My Head
  13. 13. Dans Le Foret Lointaine
  14. 14. The Garden Song
  15. 15. Blossoms
  16. 16. Abiyoyo

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