New Releases For April 17, 2012

Radio Moscow
3 And 3 Quarters

Radio Moscow - 3 And 3 Quarters

This is Radio Moscow's previously unreleased debut album. Recorded entirely by Parker Griggs (he plays all the instruments and designed the cover) when he was only 17-18, fresh out of high-school.

This is garage music reminiscent of the Nuggets and Pebbles compilations, with a dash of Killed By Death dropped into the mix (Parker played the drums in a punk band at the time); it's where it all started for the six string boy wonder.

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"7 About To Crash"


  1. 1 You're Doing It To Me
  2. 2 The Look On My Face
  3. 3 Here I Come
  4. 4 NO, NO, Mister!!
  5. 5 We're All Troubled
  6. 6 She's Mine
  7. 7 About To Crash
  8. 8 The STOMP!
  9. 9 On Your Own
  10. 10 Confusion
  11. 11 Dog Show
  12. 12 Time Bomb (Middle Of The Room)

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