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Rachael Sage
Blue Roses (Deluxe Edition)

Rachael Sage - Blue Roses (Deluxe Edition)

The brand new deluxe reissue of Rachael Sage's new album Blue Roses showcases the NYC-based multi-instrumentalist’s confident, sophisticated songwriting. Featuring members of Daft Punk, Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen's bands, this special deluxe reissue includes a duet with folk icon Judy Collins, tracks from Lifetime TV’s Dance Moms, five additional songs, and exclusive bonus content including new song "Coloring Book." Produced by Sage and John Shyloski, the album was mixed by Grammy winners Andy Zulla (Kelly Clarkson) and Kevin Killen (Tori Amos, U2).

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"Helpless (Featuring Judy Collins)"


  1. 1. English Tea
  2. 2. Blue Roses
  3. 3. Happiness (Maddie's Song)
  4. 4. Barbed Wire
  5. 5. Wax
  6. 6. Newspaper
  7. 7. Used To Be My Girl
  8. 8. Misery's Grace
  9. 9. Skywriting
  10. 10. Hands Off The Wheel
  11. 11. Wishing Day
  12. 12. Not Leaving You
  13. 13. Helpless (Featuring Judy Collins)
  14. 14. Coloring Book
  15. 15. Blue Roses - Alternate Version
  16. 16. Happiness (Maddie's Song) - Acoustic Version
  17. 17. Skywriting (Wurlitzer Mix)
  18. 18. New Destination

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 09
    New York (NYC), NY, US Mike Rocket, Rachael Sage, and Rory D'Lasnow at City Winery
  • Feb 11
    Ithaca, NY, US Howard Jones with Rachael Sage at Hangar Theatre
  • Feb 12
    Saratoga Springs, NY, US Rachael Sage at Unknown venue
  • Feb 15
    Norwalk, CT, US Rachael Sage at Wall Street Theater
  • Feb 18
    Huntington, NY, US Howard Jones and Rachael Sage at The Paramount
  • Feb 19
    New York (NYC), NY, US Rachael Sage at Unknown venue
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