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Quintin Gerard W.
Cleared For Takeoff

Quintin Gerard W. - Cleared For Takeoff

"Quintin Gerard W.'s Cleared For Takeoff cruises down the runway, takes flight with vibrant melodies and vocals, soars with high altitude solos, and enters orbit around our hearts. A terrific thematic production that brings the worlds of aviation and music together seamlessly." – Kabrir Sehgal (4-Time Grammy Winning Producer)

“Quintin Gerard W. is a Smooth Jazz Star!” – Scott O’Brien (Smooth

TAGS: Jazz | R&B | Smooth Jazz

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"Visibility Is Ten Miles"


  1. 1. ATC Clearance (Intro)
  2. 2. Cruisin' On Taxi Way
  3. 3. Air Beneath Your Wings
  4. 4. Attitude Indicator
  5. 5. Visibility Is Ten Miles
  6. 6. Cleared For Takeoff
  7. 7. I Wished I Could Fly Back Then (Interlude)
  8. 8. Candlelight Flight With Me
  9. 9. Latin Layover
  10. 10. Changing Signs
  11. 11. Times Like These
  12. 12. Roundtrip LAX
  13. 13. Have A Safe Flight Home
  14. 14. He Loves To Play For YAHWEH (Bonus Track)