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Puentes Sonoros

Quetzal - Puentes Sonoros

On Puentes Sonoros (Sonic Bridges), the Grammy-winning East L.A. band Quetzal crosses physical and stylistic borders to create an album of songs imbued with inventiveness. Its musicians stand at the center of transnational and transformative son jarocho practice, bridging rural life of Veracruz, Mexico, with contemporary Chicano sensibilities of urban struggle for freedom and self-determination. The strumming of traditional strings and percussive zapateado blend purposefully with Afro-diasporic R&B and batá, drawing from cultural roots to craft echoes of the future. Interweaving original compositions with sonic glimpses of inspirational figures from Veracruz, this recording embodies a collective vision of positive change.

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"El Perdón (Forgiveness)"


  1. 1. El Solar De Doña Juana (Doña Juana’s Plot Of Land)
  2. 2. La Guía (The Guide)
  3. 3. Vendedores En Acción (Merchants In Action)
  4. 4. Frutos Del Movimiento (Fruits Of The Movement)
  5. 5. Fandango Fronterizo (Fandango Of The Borderlands)
  6. 6. La Luna En Cuarto Menguante (Waning Crescent Moon)
  7. 7. El Perdón (Forgiveness)
  8. 8. ¿Sí Te Conté De Maifrén? (Did I Tell You About Maifrén, My Friend?)
  9. 9. Las Semillitas (The Little Seeds)
  10. 10. El Hogar De Tereso Y Rod (Tereso And Rod’s Home)
  11. 11. El Río (The River)
  12. 12. Ángela De La Cuenca
  13. 13. Te Quiero (I Love You)
  14. 14. Jardín Kojima (Kojima Garden)
  15. 15. Cristo Negro (Black Christ)
  16. 16. San Andrés (San Andrés)
  17. 17. La Vuelta (The Turn)

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