New Releases For August 10, 2010

Church With No Magic

PVT - Church With No Magic

'Band To Watch' - Stereogum

When Warp Records founder Steve Beckett signed an unknown band from Sydney in early 2008, based on the strength of their album O Soundtrack My Heart - the critically-acclaimed, seething instrumental mass of post-punk guitars, brutal drums and bass-heavy electronics - you could forgive him for being a little taken aback when only 18 months later they returned to his office with the follow up - Church With No Magic, a new vocal-lead direction for the band, and arguably one of the most ambitious experimental rock records to ever come out their native Australia.


  1. 1. Community
  2. 2. Light Up Bright Fires
  3. 3. Church With No Magic
  4. 4. Crimson Swan
  5. 5. Window
  6. 6. The Quick Mile
  7. 7. Waves And Radiation
  8. 8. Circle Of Friends
  9. 9. Timeless
  10. 10. Only The Wind Can Hear You