New Releases For May 20, 2016

Punky Meadows
Fallen Angel

Punky Meadows - Fallen Angel

Punky Meadows, the iconic lead guitarist of the ‘70s band Angel, wrote fifteen new melodic and diverse songs for his new album Fallen Angel. Angel, like label mate KISS, was a theatrical band that headlined in the US and Japan. Punky became a huge influence because of his feel, tone, and unique style of guitar playing, but also because of his rock star image. Fast forward to 2016; Punky is playing better than ever and it really shows on this timeless collection of music. Punky wants to bring the fans the best he has and Fallen Angel proves it.

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"Straight Shooter"


  1. 1. Descent
  2. 2. The Price You Pay
  3. 3. Straight Shooter
  4. 4. Breathless And Jaded
  5. 5. Loaded Gun
  6. 6. Lost And Lonely
  7. 7. Home Wrecker
  8. 8. I Wanna Be Your Drug
  9. 9. Leavin' Tonight
  10. 10. Searchin'
  11. 11. Something Strange
  12. 12. Shadow Man
  13. 13. Shake Shake
  14. 14. Summertime Love
  15. 15. Fallen Angel