New Releases For February 5, 2021

Puma Blue
In Praise Of Shadows

Puma Blue - In Praise Of Shadows

Collectively the songs form a dreamland of soulful vocals, D’Angelo-ish guitars and muted electronic beats. Its nocturnal, soul-searching sound is born from a decade in which the 25-year-old songwriter and producer was plagued by insomnia. Turning to music as an escape, he discovered that the stillness found in the dead of night forces you to confront things you may not otherwise think about.

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  1. 1. Sweet Dreams
  2. 2. Cherish (Furs)
  3. 3. Velvet Leaves
  4. 4. Snowflower
  5. 5. Already Falling
  6. 6. Sheets
  7. 7. Olive / Letter To ATL (Featuring BREANTONIA)
  8. 8. Oil Slick
  9. 9. Silk Print
  10. 10. Is It Because
  11. 11. Opiate
  12. 12. Sleeping
  13. 13. Bath House
  14. 14. Super Soft

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 04
    Santa Ana, CA, US Puma Blue at Constellation Room
  • Nov 05
    Los Angeles (LA), CA, US Puma Blue at El Rey Theatre
  • Nov 06
    San Francisco, CA, US Puma Blue at The Independent
  • Nov 08
    Portland, OR, US Puma Blue at Doug Fir Lounge
  • Nov 09
    Seattle, WA, US Puma Blue at The Vera Project
  • Nov 12
    Minneapolis, MN, US Puma Blue at Fine Line
  • Nov 13
    Chicago, IL, US Puma Blue at Lincoln Hall
  • Nov 14
    Detroit, MI, US Puma Blue at El Club
  • Nov 16
    Toronto, ON, Canada Puma Blue at Horseshoe Tavern
  • Nov 18
    Brooklyn, NY, US Puma Blue with Cruza at Music Hall of Williamsburg
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