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A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds

Pugwash - A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds

Their mix of the Beach Boys meets ELO meets XTC has made them favorites in their homeland of Ireland and across the U.K. Their fan base continues to grow as listeners discover the group's work with contributors like Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of XTC, Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, TV Eyes), and the Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon.

Pugwash's albums have thus far only been available outside of North America, and have now slipped out of print. Omnivore Recordings is proud to remedy that with A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds, 17 tracks drawn from 1999's Almond Tea As Served By... through 2011's The Olympus Sound.


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"A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds"


  1. 1. Take Me Away
  2. 2. Monorail
  3. 3. Keep Movin' On
  4. 4. Finer Things In Life
  5. 5. Anyone Who Asks
  6. 6. Shine On Norvell Jefferson
  7. 7. Two Wrongs
  8. 8. A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds
  9. 9. It's Nice To Be Nice
  10. 10. At The Sea
  11. 11. Fall Down
  12. 12. Answers On A Postcard
  13. 13. Heal Me
  14. 14. Here
  15. 15. Apples
  16. 16. Anchor
  17. 17. Be My Friend Awhile

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