New Releases For November 22, 2011

Time's Arrow

Prurient - Time's Arrow

With Time's Arrow, Dominick Fernow's long running project once again finds itself evolving, unfolding, and per-mutating. It is at once an extension of, and natural progression from, the redefining sound brought forth on Prurient's most recent full length recording, Bermuda Drain.

'It's a possible contender for jam-of-the-year for all the ex-goths, one-time industrial obsessives, and collectors of soundtracks from obscure 1980s horror movies.' - Pitchfork

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"Time's Arrow"


  1. 1. Time's Arrow
  2. 2. Time's Arrow (Unsolved)
  3. 3. Let's Make A Slave (De-Shelled)
  4. 4. Maskless Face
  5. 5. Slavery In The Bahamas (Instrumental)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 20
    St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Prurient at Heart / Serdce / Сердце
  • Aug 21
    Moscow, Russian Federation Prurient at Paper Factory / Bumazhnaya Fabrika / Бумажная Фабрика
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