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Prototype - Catalyst

'Advanced aggressive attitude' describes Prototype's music and they certainly deserve a triple A for creativity, melody, brutality, technicality and aggressive musicality as well. Nightmare is proud to bring you this long awaited follow up to the bands 2006 release Continuum. Based in Los Angeles, Prototype has pushed the boundaries of metal's status quo, they represent the consummate intersection of aggressive and progressive song construction, offering a high-energy performance that showcases exceptional musicianship in compositions that remain astonishingly melodic.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Inceptum
  2. 2. Catalyst
  3. 3. Cynic Dreams
  4. 4. The Chosen Ones
  5. 5. Illuminatum
  6. 6. My Own Deception
  7. 7. Into Oblivion
  8. 8. Impetus
  9. 9. Gravity Well
  10. 10. The Ageless Heart Of Memory
  11. 11. Exiled
  12. 12. Communion