New Releases For February 5, 2016

Product Of Hate
Buried In Violence

Product Of Hate - Buried In Violence

Wisconsin based newcomers Product Of Hate chose their band name for a good reason. The five-piece honed their brutal and groovy thrash sound/NWOAHM while sharing the stage with bands like Lamb Of God, Meshuggah and Job For A Cowboy. The band is pumped and is now ready to introduce the world to their debut album Buried In Violence. The album was mixed and mastered by the legendary James Murphy, known for his work with Death, Testament and Obituary.

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  1. 1. Kill. You. Now.
  2. 2. Annihilation
  3. 3. ...As Your Kingdom Falls
  4. 4. Blood Coated Concrete
  5. 5. Monster
  6. 6. Buried In Violence
  7. 7. Vindicare
  8. 8. Nemesis
  9. 9. Revolution Of Destruction
  10. 10. Unholy Manipulator
  11. 11. Perry Mason