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Prism Tats
Prism Tats

Prism Tats - Prism Tats

Prism Tats front man Garett van der Spek knew from an early age that rock and roll was not only his calling but his window - and rocket ship - to the outside world. While proud of his South African origins, it was through his parents’ record collection that he was spoon fed western rock and roll, pop and R&B, and it left its mark. This is their debut album, featuring the track “Never Been Shy.”

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"Never Been Shy"


  1. 1. Pacifist Masochist
  2. 2. Creep Out // Freak Out
  3. 3. Never Been Shy
  4. 4. Death Or Fame
  5. 5. Make The Most Of The Weekend
  6. 6. Weird Guilt
  7. 7. Midnight Mountain
  8. 8. Excess
  9. 9. Haunt Me
  10. 10. Know It All