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Priscilla Ahn
When You Grow Up

Priscilla Ahn - When You Grow Up

Singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn's new album When You Grow Up was produced by Ethan Johns (Laura Marling, Ray LaMontagne, Kings Of Leon, Ryan Adams), and exhibits Ahn's continued growth as an artist and a songwriter since her 2008 debut A Good Day.

Featuring the title track as well as a cover of Benji Hughes' frolicsome love call 'Vibe So Hot,' the album threads a loose storyline through life's ups and downs, with her angelic voice narrating experiences beginning with childhood, progressing through cycles of romance and heartbreak, and concluding with wisdom and reflection.

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"When You Grow Up"


  1. 1. When You Grow Up
  2. 2. One Day I Will Do
  3. 3. Oo La La
  4. 4. Vibe So Hot
  5. 5. City Lights (Pretty Lights)
  6. 6. I Don't Have Time To Be In Love
  7. 7. Cry Baby
  8. 8. Lost Cause
  9. 9. Empty House
  10. 10. I Will Get Over You
  11. 11. Elf Song
  12. 12. Torch Song