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Poverty's No Crime
A Secret To Hide (Vinyl)

Poverty's No Crime - A Secret To Hide (Vinyl)

Following it's digital release in April, Poverty's No Crime's new album, A Secret To Hide is out, as the band celebrates its 30th Anniversary. It is the eighth album by the German prog-metal/prog-rock band. After the release of the successful predecessor Spiral Of Fear and the joint tour with Psychotic Waltz, the band was quickly back in work mode. The result is a musically multifaceted work that dares to break out of the genre boundaries again and again. It is hard melodic rock music, which is sometimes more rock and sometimes goes more "metal." A Secret To Hide impresses with many details, precisely worked out instrumental passages and coherent, crisp hooks.

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"Flesh And Bone"


  1. 1. Supernatural
  2. 2. Hollow Phrases
  3. 3. Flesh And Bone
  4. 4. Grey To Green
  5. 5. Within The Veil
  6. 6. The Great Escape
  7. 7. Schizophrenic
  8. 8. In The Shade

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