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Polly Gibbons
Many Faces Of Love

Polly Gibbons - Many Faces Of Love

UK jazz singer, Polly Gibbons, descends from a grand tradition of jazz and blues women whose singing exudes strength, defiance and sassy wit. Nominated for a BBC Jazz Award, Gibbons possesses a raspy, lived-in tone, a walloping sense of swing and a dramatic flair that grabs the heart. Available as a CD/DVD set with bonus live performances, Many Faces Of Love is something of a song cycle, with Polly singing about different facets of love.

"They don't come along very often, but this one's a star." - Composer Johnny Mandel

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"Please Send Me Someone To Love"


  1. 1. Please Send Me Someone To Love
  2. 2. Love Me Like A Song
  3. 3. So Good
  4. 4. Make It Last
  5. 5. That’s Enough For Me
  6. 6. Not Like This
  7. 7. City Lights
  8. 8. After Hours
  9. 9. Since I Fell For You
  10. 10. Company (Rickie Lee Jones)
  11. 11. I Have The Feeling I’ve Been Here Before
  12. 12. Love Comes And Goes
  13. DVD:
  14. 1. Meet Polly (Behind The Scenes)
  15. 2. Almost Like Being In Love
  16. 3. Muddy Water (Blues)
  17. 4. After Hours
  18. 5. Make It Last
  19. 6. So Good
  20. 7. Company
  21. 8. City Lights
  22. 9. Miss Celie’s Blues

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