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Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three
Riverboat Soul

Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three - Riverboat Soul

From St. Louis, Missouri comes a wonderfully fresh and quirky kind of pop music that combines a riverboat ragtime sound with Delta-meets-Appalachia songwriting, all laid down in front of a big, big swingin' beat.

'Lawd knows we need people like Pokey LaFarge. Coming on like a bastard son of Woody Guthrie and Blind Blake, this is the kind of stuff Ry Cooder's been trying to do for decades: no-holds-barred, honest-to-goodness sheet-kicking music of the highest order.' --Julian Piper, Acoustic Magazine


  1. La La Blues
  2. Claude Jones
  3. Won't Make Love at All
  4. Hard Times Come and Go
  5. Two-Faced Tom
  6. You Don't Want Me
  7. Sweet Potato Blues
  8. Bag of Bones
  9. In the Graveyard Now
  10. Migraines and Heartpains Old Black Dog
  11. Daffodil Blues