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Planet B
Planet B

Planet B - Planet B

Planet B’s music lays somewhere just out of reach of genre, with aesthetics rooted in hip hop, hardcore punk, turntablism, and ‘70s-‘80s horror movie soundtracks. It is catchy, heavily percussive, and eerie all at once. Henshaw’s fantastical sci-fi accompaniments utilize Justin’s whistling UFO vibrato, for example, and apply it to dark and distorted electrical hums, claps, and marching band drum beats. Here, no sound is beyond their experimental scope. Here, they have created their first full-length LP, with no shortage of assistance from a slew of incredibly influential and unique musicians.

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"Come Bogeyman (Featuring Martin Atkins)"


  1. SIDE A:
  2. 1. Crustfund (Featuring Kool Keith)
  3. 2. (A) Not At All (B) Somewhat (C) Very Much
  4. 3. Join A Cult
  5. 4. Disease Control (Featuring Sonny Kay)
  6. 5. Manure Rally
  7. 6. Mirror, Mirror, On The World
  8. SIDE B:
  9. 1. Big Karma (Featuring Joseph Karam)
  10. 2. Brutal Evolution (Featuring Becky Digiglio)
  11. 3. Never Let Me Down Again (Featuring Nick Zinner)
  12. 4. Come Bogeyman (Featuring Martin Atkins)
  13. 5. The Beginning Is Near