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Plague Vendor
By Night

Plague Vendor - By Night

Plague Vendor, a fierce live band that have spent the last five years playing endless shows, have released their third album, By Night - a record that captures feelings of ruin and regeneration, of charisma and catastrophe and of slashing at the night with nothing but pure electricity. A fearless our-way-is-the-hard-way work ethic and famously physical live shows won the band a ferocious fan base. That combined with the musicians’ energy and spirit, the band evokes a foreboding, and very rock ‘n’ roll presence.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk | Rock

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"New Comedown"


  1. 1. New Comedown
  2. 2. Nothing's Wrong
  3. 3. All Of The Above
  4. 4. Let Me Get High\Low
  5. 5. Prism
  6. 6. White Wall
  7. 7. Night Sweats
  8. 8. Pain In My Heart
  9. 9. Snakeskin Boots
  10. 10. In My Pocket

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