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Love Drips And Gathers

Piroshka - Love Drips And Gathers

Piroshka emerged in 2018, four individuals with distinct musical identities but also overlapping histories - a combination that might have unsettled, or even overwhelmed, some bands. But in their case, the bond only got stronger. After Brickbat explored social and political divisions by way of what MOJO described as “Forceful, driving garage songs and dream-pop epics”, Love Drips And Gathers follows a more introspective line - the ties that bind us, as lovers, parents, children, friends - to a suitably subtler, more ethereal sound, whilst still reveling in energy and drama.

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"Scratching At The Lid"


  1. 1. Hastings 1973
  2. 2. The Knife Thrower's Daughter
  3. 3. Scratching At The Lid
  4. 4. Loveable
  5. 5. V.O.
  6. 6. Wanderlust
  7. 7. Echo Loco
  8. 8. Familiar
  9. 9. We Told You

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 02
    Brighton, UK Piroshka at Chalk, Brighton
  • Nov 03
    Leeds, UK Piroshka at Brudenell Social Club
  • Nov 05
    Manchester, UK Piroshka at The Deaf Institute
  • Nov 06
    London, UK Piroshka at The Garage
  • Nov 07
    Guildford, UK Piroshka at The Boileroom
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