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The Deviant Hearts

Phantasma - The Deviant Hearts

Although Charlotte was on tour with Delain - she managed to find some time to create an excellent gem that answers to the name of The Deviant Hearts. However, followers of Charlotte's main band won't be snubbed - you can see the title as a thematic thread alone, a silk fiber with which Charlotte very sensitively weaves the equally comforting and grief-stricken stories of her solo debut.

"The passion for music is that main thing that makes you a musician", muses Charlotte - and instantly delivers with The Deviant Hearts the acoustic proof of this. Q.E.D.

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"Miserable Me"


  1. 1. Incomplete
  2. 2. The Deviant Hearts
  3. 3. Runaway Gray
  4. 4. Try
  5. 5. Enter Dreamscape
  6. 6. Miserable Me
  7. 7. The Lotus And The Willow
  8. 8. Crimson Course
  9. 9. Carry Me Home
  10. 10. The Sound Of Fear
  11. 11. Novaturient
  12. 12. Let It Die