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Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy - Ninth

Peter Murphy's Ninth, is his first solo album in seven years and the first since the permanent dissolution of Bauhaus in 2009. Produced by David Baron, Ninth is a culmination of where the singer has been and where he is now, all imbued with a confidence that has been Murphy's stock in trade. While countless performers and industry types bemoan the demeaning of music in current download culture, Murphy's only concern is continuing to connect with his audience with unparalleled honesty.

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"I Spit Roses"


  1. 1. Velocity Bird
  2. 2. Seesaw Sway
  3. 3. Peace To Each
  4. 4. I Spit Roses
  5. 5. Never Fall Out
  6. 6. Memory Go
  7. 7. The Prince & Old Lady Shade
  8. 8. Uneven & Brittle
  9. 9. Slowdown
  10. 10. Secret Silk Society
  11. 11. Crème de la Crème