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Pete Townshend
Classic Quadrophenia

Pete Townshend - Classic Quadrophenia

The new version of Quadrophenia was orchestrated by Rachel Fuller. The project is the latest chapter in Townshend’s lifelong mission to break the three-minute mold of the traditional pop song. In the 1960s he defined the concept of the rock opera with Tommy, taking it a stage further with Quadrophenia. Conceived and written by Townshend in 1973, Quadrophenia went on to become a feature film and a theatre production, and was performed in its entirety on the Who’s most recent live tour. For the last three years Townshend has worked closely with Rachel Fuller on brand-new arrangements for orchestra, soloists and choir.

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"Love Reign O'er Me"


  1. 1. I Am The Sea
  2. 2. The Real Me
  3. 3. Quadrophenia
  4. 4. Cut My Hair
  5. 5. The Punk And The Godfather
  6. 6. I'm One
  7. 7. The Dirty Jobs
  8. 8. Helpless Dancer
  9. 9. Is It In My Head?
  10. 10. I've Had Enough
  11. 11. 5:15
  12. 12. Sea And Sand
  13. 13. Drowned
  14. 14. Bell Boy
  15. 15. Doctor Jimmy
  16. 16. The Rock
  17. 17. Love Reign O'er Me