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Pavlo & Remigio

Pavlo & Remigio - Guitarradas

Remigio Pereira is famous around the world as a member of the multi-platinum selling group, the Tenors. Although he is primarily known as a virtuosic singer, Remigio is as equally gifted on the guitar. Pavlo has built an extraordinary career in his unique Mediterranean guitar style. With two gold albums to his credit he continues to tour globally, bringing audiences to their feet. Together for the first time, Remigio and Pavlo co-wrote every song on Guitarradas. The music truly represents their passion for the guitar and their ability to write melodic compositions intertwined with their command of the instrument.

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  1. 1. Tiempo
  2. 2. El Tango
  3. 3. Guitarradas
  4. 4. Preludio Del Amor
  5. 5. Ultima Cancion
  6. 6. Alma Del Fuego
  7. 7. Dansa Para Mi
  8. 8. Besos Mediterraneos
  9. 9. Suenos Del Mar
  10. 10. Lagrima Del Sol