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Paul van Dyk
The Politics Of Dancing 3

Paul van Dyk - The Politics Of Dancing 3

Grammy-nominated DJ/producer and dance music icon, Paul van Dyk is back with his seventh studio album. In the summer of 2014 it was announced that the artist album Politics Of Dancing 3 would be a follow-up to the early millennium released Politics Of Dancing 1 & 2 mix-comps. Politics Of Dancing 3 will build from the first Politics releases and this new decade. This album features artists that are already well-established as well as some extremely talented up-and-comers.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 5, 2015 ON Ultra

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"Louder (PvD vs. Ben Nicky Remix)"


  1. 1. Heart Like An Ocean
  2. 2. Lights
  3. 3. My World
  4. 4. Around The Garden (Paul van Dyk Remix)
  5. 5. What We’re Livin For
  6. 6. In Your Arms
  7. 7. Come With Me (We Are One) (Paul van Dyk Festival Mix)
  8. 8. Guardian
  9. 9. Love Is
  10. 10. For You
  11. 11. Follow Me
  12. 12. City Of Sound
  13. 13. Only In A Dream (PvD Club Mix)
  14. 14. Louder (PvD vs. Ben Nicky Remix)

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