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Paul Simon
So Beautiful Or So What

Paul Simon - So Beautiful Or So What

Produced by Phil Ramone and Paul Simon, with liner notes written by Elvis Costello, So Beautiful or So What is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year.

Rolling Stone magazine recently declared it, 'His best since Graceland,' and National Public Radio affirmed, '...his new music balances great poetry and pop. Paul Simon is a national treasure.' In their current issue, Filter Magazine calls the new album, '...a new masterpiece from the Picasso of music.'

**** ...UNCUT

TAGS: Classic Rock | Pop

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"The Afterlife"


  1. 1. Getting Ready For Christmas Day
  2. 2. The Afterlife
  3. 3. Dazzling Blue
  4. 4. Rewrite
  5. 5. Love And Hard Times
  6. 6. Love Is Eternal Sacred Light
  7. 7. Amulet
  8. 8. Questions For The Angels
  9. 9. Love And Blessings
  10. 10. So Beautiful Or So What

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