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Paul Kelly
Spring And Fall

Paul Kelly - Spring And Fall

As CEN's 'Year of Paul Kelly' continues, we are excited to announce the release of a brand new album of PK material, the first since 2007's Stolen Apples.

Spring And Fall is a twelve-song collection of unforgettable odes on everyone's favorite subject, romantic relationships, or rather one specific relationship. The release coincides with a lengthy tour by the artist that will have him in the U.S. throughout the first half of 2013.

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"When A Woman Loves A Man"


  1. 1. New Found Year
  2. 2. When A Woman Loves A Man
  3. 3. For The Ages
  4. 4. Gonna Be Good
  5. 5. Someone New
  6. 6. Time And Tide Waits For No-One
  7. 7. Sometimes My Baby
  8. 8. Cold As Canada
  9. 9. I'm On Your Side
  10. 10. None Of Your Business Now
  11. 11. Little Aches And Pains + Where Are You Roaming (Hidden Track)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 06
    Birdsville, QLD, Australia BIG RED BASH 2021
  • Jul 10
    Sandstone Point, QLD, Australia Paul Kelly with Missy Higgins, Alex The Astronaut, and Andy Golledge at Sandstone Point Hotel
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