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Paul Hardcastle
The Chill Lounge Volume 1

Paul Hardcastle - The Chill Lounge Volume 1

Having long been the purveyor of laidback atmospheric sensuous sides once again Paul Hardcastle beckons you to follow him to places where swaying palms, crystalline water, and picturesque sunsets await with The Chill Lounge, a collection of adventurous head and body trips slightly chilled and ready for transport.

Melt into your favorite lounger, pour your favorite beverage add a few cubes of ice and prepare to be chilled, the Hardcastle way. Not shaken, but stirred.

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"East To West"


  1. 1. Return Of The Rainman
  2. 2. Solar Sky Ibiza Remix
  3. 3. Through The looking Glass
  4. 4. East To West
  5. 5. Ibiza Dub
  6. 6. Moments In Time
  7. 7. Zen Warrior
  8. 8. Emerald Stardust
  9. 9. Inner Changes
  10. 10. Chime
  11. 11. First Light Pt1
  12. 12. 1000 Miles From Nowhere
  13. 13. First Light Pt2
  14. 14. Look To The Future

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