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Paul Hardcastle
Hardcastle 8

Paul Hardcastle - Hardcastle 8

Well into his 4th decade of producing music, Paul Hardcastle presents his new album, Hardcastle 8 featuring performances by his son Paul Hardcastle Jr. on sax, daughter Maxine on vocals, and cameos from saxman to the stars Rock Hendricks. The record features two bonus tracks originally included in the History Of Hardcastle box set and now made available here at a lesser price.

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"Amber Skies"


  1. 1. Amber Skies
  2. 2. Turn Down The Heat
  3. 3. Happy Go Lucky
  4. 4. Stay In The Moment
  5. 5. Jam On This
  6. 6. Astral Vision
  7. 7. A Horse With No Name
  8. 8. Hardcastle Boogie
  9. 9. Dancing Galaxies
  10. 10. Breaking The Ice
  11. 11. Echoes Rising
  12. 12. Cut Loose

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