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Paul Collins
King Of Power Pop!

Paul Collins - King Of Power Pop!

King Of Power Pop! is the new studio album by Paul Collins, one of the originators of the high-energy pop sound known as power pop. Paul got his start in the late seventies as the drummer for the legendary Nerves, (with Peter Case and Jack Lee) later forming The Breakaways with Peter Case, and finally starting The Beat, or Paul Collins Beat in 1979.

Produced in Detroit by Jim Diamond (Dirtbombs, The Go, White Stripes), the album features Wally Palmar of the legendary power pop hit-makers The Romantics, as well as pop icon Nikki Corvette of Nikki & The Corvettes.

The pop cover art is the work of legendary artist Bill Stout.

'For me this is the record that connects the dots, from The Nerves to The Breakaways to The Beat to today... this is the record that puts it all together!'
- Paul Collins

TAGS: Garage | New Wave | Pop


  1. 1. C'mon Let's Go!
  2. 2. Do You Wanna Love Me?
  3. 3. Doin' It For The Ladies
  4. 4. Hurting's On My Side
  5. 5. Don't Blame Your Troubles On Me
  6. 6. Many Roads To Follow
  7. 7. Losing Your Cool
  8. 8. Off The Hook
  9. 9. The Letter
  10. 10. Kings Of Power Pop
  11. 11. I Go Black
  12. 12. This Is America
  13. 13. You Tore Me Down