New Releases For September 9, 2016

Blooming Through The Black

Parsonsfield - Blooming Through The Black

Blooming Through The Black is a collection chock full of the most infectious, emotionally mature songs from Parsonsfield to date. The album opens with "Stronger," a slow-burner that, much like Parsonsfield's career, begins as an acoustic folk number and builds to an electrified tumult. It's a showcase for their instrumental prowess, lyrical chops, and unbridled passion, and it's just the start.

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  1. 1. Stronger
  2. 2. Blooming Through The Black
  3. 3. Across Your Mind
  4. 4. Water Through A Mill
  5. 5. Barbed Wire
  6. 6. Ties That Bind Us
  7. 7. Don’t Get Excited
  8. 8. Everyone Dies
  9. 9. Mental Remedy
  10. 10. Hot Air Balloon