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Parker Millsap
Other Arrangements

Parker Millsap - Other Arrangements

Other Arrangements showcases the 24-year-old’s evolution as an artist who continues to create music without the confines of genre. The album spotlights Millsap's dynamic vocals on an original set of infectious songs with insightful lyrics. While his first two albums were praised for their philosophical and religious imagery, Other Arrangements plays more like a favorite rock radio channel from the ‘70s. Moving effortlessly between rock, blues and pop, the new album also showcases Millsap's most dynamic electric guitar playing to date, especially on the explosive opening track "Fine Line."

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"Fine Line"


  1. 1. Fine Line
  2. 2. Your Water
  3. 3. Singing To Me
  4. 4. Other Arrangements
  5. 5. Let A Little Light In
  6. 6. Tell Me
  7. 7. Gotta Get To You
  8. 8. Good Night
  9. 9. Coming On
  10. 10. Some People
  11. 11. She
  12. 12. Come Back When You Can’t Stay

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 15
    Memphis, TN, US Parker Millsap at Hernando's Hideaway
  • Jul 16
    Fayetteville, AR, US Parker Millsap at Roots Fest Headquarters @ Guisinger Music House
  • Jul 30
    Waverly, AL, US Parker Millsap at Standard Deluxe
  • Jul 31
    Chattanooga, TN, US Parker Millsap at Arts Avenue
  • Aug 12
    Decatur, GA, US Parker Millsap at Eddie's Attic
  • Aug 13
    Charlotte, NC, US Clem Snide and Parker Millsap at The Evening Muse
  • Aug 14
    Johnson City, TN, US Parker Millsap at Down Home
  • Sep 10
    Paducah, KY, US Parker Millsap at The 1857 Event Center
  • Sep 11
    Bowling Green, KY, US Parker Millsap at Tidballs
  • Sep 16
    Indianapolis, IN, US H.C. McEntire and Parker Millsap at Hi-Fi Annex
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