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Parker Millsap
Be Here Instead

Parker Millsap - Be Here Instead

The fifth album from Oklahoma-bred singer/songwriter Parker Millsap, Be Here Instead, emerged from a wild alchemy of instinct, ingenuity, and joyfully determined rule-breaking. In a departure from the guitar-and-notebook-based approach to songwriting that shaped his earlier work, the Nashville-based artist followed his curiosity to countless other modes of expression, experimenting with everything from piano to effects pedals to old-school drum machines. As those explorations deepened and broadened his musical vision, Millsap soon arrived at a body of work touched with both unbridled imagination and lucid insight into the search for presence in a chaotic world.

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  1. 1. Rolling
  2. 2. The Real Thing
  3. 3. Vulnerable
  4. 4. It Was You
  5. 5. In Between
  6. 6. Dammit
  7. 7. Empty
  8. 8. Now, Here
  9. 9. In Your Eyes
  10. 10. Passing Through
  11. 11. Always
  12. 12. Being Alive

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