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Painted Doll
How To Draw Fire

Painted Doll - How To Draw Fire

How To Draw Fire, the brand new album from Painted Doll, the unstoppable rock band consisting of the unlikely duo of death metal legend Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Death, Violation Wound, Abscess) and musician/comedian Dave Hill (Valley Lodge, Witch Taint). This is the band’s second album and on it Chris and Dave push their patented blend of psych/prog/proto-punk/rock/power pop even further over the course of a dozen songs. Pop hooks are bigger, the scary parts are scarier, and the psych parts are so psychedelic some people may very well require medical attention just to come down from it all.

TAGS: Garage | Rock

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"When I Left Home"


  1. 1. Sun In The Sea
  2. 2. On The Ropes
  3. 3. You Were Everywhere
  4. 4. Slow Armageddon
  5. 5. Blue Postcards
  6. 6. When I Left Home
  7. 7. Cheap Kicks
  8. 8. Idlewild
  9. 9. Get You High Tonight
  10. 10. Midnight Morning
  11. 11. Dollhouse Rock
  12. 12. Leave A Light On

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