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Fire Away

Ozomatli - Fire Away

Fire Away is the fifth album from Grammy winners Ozomatli. Their music is a fantastic collision of rock, funk, salsa, samba, dancehall, meringue and more. Their mantra - take the listener around the world via Los Angeles and the incredibly diverse music influences there.

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"Its Only Paper"


  1. 1. Are You Ready?
  2. 2. 45
  3. 3. Its Only Paper
  4. 4. Elysian Persuasion
  5. 5. Gay Vatos In Love
  6. 6. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  7. 7. Its Only Time
  8. 8. Nadas for Free
  9. 9. Malagasy Shock
  10. 10. Love Comes Down
  11. 11. Caballito

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 13
    San Jose, CA, US San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2021
  • Aug 21
    Los Angeles (LA), CA, US The Mavericks and Los Lobos with Ozomatli and Trish Toledo at The Greek Theatre
  • Aug 28
    Port Hueneme, CA, US Port Hueneme Beach Festival 2021
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