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Owen Duggan
Puppy Dog Jig

Owen Duggan - Puppy Dog Jig

Young and young at heart will be kicking up their heels to Owen Duggan's second CD, Puppy Dog Jig. From the bouncy animal antics of the title track, to the bluesy, Lyle Lovett inspired 'Rhino Song,' this is a mix that will have both kids and parents singing along.

Enjoy the reggae rhythms of a brand new earth song, 'Little Bitty Ball,' as well as clever re-dos of classics like 'The Garden Song,' made famous by John Denver, and 'Puff the Magic Dragon.' And then finish off with a groovy, beat-poet rendition of Sandra Boynton's famous board book, 'Pajama Time.'

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"Puppy Dog Jig"


  1. 1. Puppy Dog Jig
  2. 2. Garden Song
  3. 3. Rhino Song
  4. 4. Ukulele Song
  5. 5. Eagle, Eagle
  6. 6. Puff The Magic Dragon
  7. 7. Little Molly Had A Brolly
  8. 8. Toes For Breakfast
  9. 9. Orange Blossom Special
  10. 10. Little Bitty Ball Prologue
  11. 11. Little Bitty Ball
  12. 12. Seal Lullaby (Poem By Rudyard Kipling)
  13. 13. Pajama Time