New Releases For April 17, 2020

Karma Of Youth

Outsider - Karma Of Youth

With music inspired by the likes of Joy Division, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and Bruce Springsteen, Irish multi-instrumentalist Outsider is quick to grab his audience’s attention with infectious alt-rock hooks and poetic lyricism. Mastered by Grammy award-winning Greg Calbi (The National, War On Drugs, Arcade Fire), Outsider’s debut album is a textured, rhythmic excursion into the darker reaches of alternative rock and pop, and serves as a metaphysical roadmap for a lost soul.

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"Brotherhood O.A."


  1. 1. Saviour
  2. 2. Brotherhood O.A.
  3. 3. Míol Mór Mara
  4. 4. Íosa Chroí
  5. 5. Young Gods Of Na Sionna
  6. 6. Revelation Night Drive
  7. 7. Mötormaze
  8. 8. Saturns Return