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Osaka Popstar
Hopping Ghosts (Single)

Osaka Popstar - Hopping Ghosts (Single)

Osaka Popstar presents Hopping Ghosts, the Ltd Ed. 8-inch vinyl figure that comes complete with its own punk-rock theme song. Chinese vampire mythology takes a spin through the mind of Osaka Popstar creator/frontman John Cafiero - who designed the figure & penned the accompanying single.

Cafiero (vocals) is backed by a lineup featuring Dennis Diken (Smithereens) Drums; Sal Maida (Cracker, Roxy Music) Bass; and Dean Rispler (Dictators NYC, Karen Black) Guitar. Figure includes free download of the new single plus alternate instrumental version as heard in the animated promo.

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Hear the bells... See these claws... Feel these fangs... then Hop Like a Ghost!


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"Hopping Ghosts"


  1. 1. Hopping Ghosts
  2. 2. Hopping Ghosts (Animated{!} Instrumental version)

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