New Releases For April 30, 2013

Os Mutantes
Fool Metal Jack

Os Mutantes - Fool Metal Jack

Fool Metal Jack crackles with depth, confidence and complexity.

The title track treads with a marauding, heavy-leaded beat (and Vinícius Junqueira's floor-knocking bass) as Dias gnashes his teeth over tales of wartime - yet another young soldier at death's door. But 'To Make It Beautiful' dispels the darkness in favor of a sunny and endlessly catchy meditation on love, devotion and personal connection. 'Once Upon A Flight' (written by the band's resident multi-instrumentalist Vitor Trida) whips up a swirling circus of inspired art-rock riffage, its infectious refrain of ' wide...go, fly out!' providing the perfect vehicle for veteran Mutantes drummer Dinho Lemeto take off into the stratosphere.

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"Look Out"


  1. 1. The Dream Is Gone
  2. 2. Fool Metal Jack
  3. 3. Picadilly Willy
  4. 4. Ganja Man
  5. 5. Look Out
  6. 6. Eu Descobri
  7. 7. Time And Space
  8. 8. To Make It Beautiful
  9. 9. Once Upon A Flight
  10. 10. Into Limbo
  11. 11. Bangladesh
  12. 12. Valse LSD